Friday, May 24, 2024

about us

“Corruption is a cancer that eats away at the very fabric of a society.” – Narendra Modi

Our Mission

To make our Committee work very effectively and to spread awareness among all the layman’s about our Committee, as to rub out all the culprits from spreading Corruption by joining more and more members to our Committee and make our Nation free from this bad evil of Corruption.

Our Values

All India Anti Corruption Committee is working against corruption, atrocities, irregularities, illegalities, misuse of the Govt. funds, post & power. For better representation of poor innocent people and to save from the hands of the corruption Because corruption has become the lubricant for all Govt. Machineries & it is spreading like deadly diseases: CANCER, AIDS, etc.

Objects & Aim of the Committee are following

✔ To make acquainted with corruption and crime prevalent in government offices by distributing posters, newspaper, Stickers, pamphlets or any other means among the masses.

✔ bring transparency in the work of government is the objective of the committee.

✔ To procure information from any government office for the welfare of the people under control information Act from any government office.

✔ To appoint members and official all over India for propagating and spreading the ideals of the committee,

and providing them with identity cards and appointment letters in accordance with the rules of the committee.

✔ To take proper steps for providing justices to and raise voice and concern for the welfare of the downtrodden scheduled castes, tribes and other backward class people of the society and all religion.

✔ make efforts for upholding and maintaining unity and integrity of India.

✔ To make people aware of their rights given by the Constitution of India and organize seminars from time to time for upgrading social justice, education and economy.

✔ To procure financial and non-financial support from the government, Semi-government organizations, international sectors, banks and private bodies.

✔ To organize seminars, conferences, meetings, debates, press-conferences etc. For making people aware of their rights and duties and file P.I.L. For the benefit and welfare of the people.

✔ To organize and conduct smoothly different types of programs and activities for educating and enlightening the people with regard to consumer, protection, laws and other civil rights.

✔ .To take recourse to requisite and effective legal measures for curbing social evils prevalent in the society such as child marriage, dowry system, child labour, extravaganza in miscellaneous parties and functions, consumption of intoxicants such as wine, opium, smack etc.

✔ To create interests among the masses about national unity and integrity by taking recourse to various means of communication such as banners, audio, video cassettes, telefilms, tele serials and documentary etc.

✔ To receive information, notices, notification, plans, legal points from government and semi- government bodies and nationals and international platforms and make the people aware of it and use it for their welfare.

✔ To publish requisite literature and distribute it free of cost for useful information and awareness propagation campaign.

✔ To assist and co-operate with other associations and agencies etc.

✔ To represent Indian people before the central government, state governments and local authorities for obliterating the problems of Indian public and take recourse to legal measures as and when required.

✔ To provide oppressed women with legal, medical, financial, residential psychological or any other helps or welfare assistance.

✔ To educate the female members and other women with regard to their democratic rights enshrined in the Constitution of India and other legal rights. To organize from time to time legal functions, press conferences, meetings, different types of programs for the discussion on any issue pertained to women.

✔ To get erected for the use of the common masses community halls baraat ghar, old-age home, women shelter home, health-care center, music school, dance school, orphanage, wash rooms, garbage place, baalwari, Aanganwari, Vachanalaya, library, dispensary, hospitals, stadium, yaatri niwas etc, hold various social programmes and conduct them.

✔ To get built roads, lanes, sewers, parks etc. With the help of the government and look after them and to take reasonable and effective steps for solving various types of programs of the people and for their welfare.

✔ With regard to electricity, water sewers, telephone, road, sewers, safety, cleanliness and other daily problems of the public, make the concerned officials aware and enlightened, meet and request the higher officials against these officials on the issue of public welfare, and undertake reasonable legal course in the event of them not paying any heed to the public grievances.

✔ To establish women ‘assistance center’ keeping them in mind as they are socially ignored. The center must be competent to render all kinds of assistance to the exploited, afflicted, distrubed women and it is also expected of the center to render legal advices to them and help them in legal proceedings in the court of law. Simultaneously every possible effort has to be made for the restoration and rehabilitation of the destitute women.

✔ To unite against injustice, corruption, wide-ranging corruption and violence and enlighten the public on these issues and make attempts to put an end to these social evils.

✔ To get published newspapers, magazines, books, souvenir for the welfare of the common masses and make arrangements for distributing them.

✔ To perform all those works which are required and possible for the realization of the aims and objectives of the committee.

✔ To curb corruption embedded in important livelihood items of daily use, meant for the common masses, such as ration, kerosene, grains, domestic gas and other life concerning items and make programs to implement and execute those plans.

✔ To give information regarding peasants welfare proclaimed from time to time by the central and state governments and assist the government machinery in implementing plans and schemes for the benefit of the peasants. To keep the government abreast of the condition, plight and problems of the farmers and at the same time always strive for their well being.

✔ The executive of the committee will form branches and sub- committees all over India from time to time for realizig the objectives of the committee.

✔ To render free of charges police protection to the officials of the committee in times of need.

✔ For propagating the objectives of the committee in every state of India according to the rules and regulations of the district rural president, tehsil president, rural-tehsil president, state president, national president, vice-president, general secretary, sarchitnis, treasurer, member, north, east, west, south faculty president and committee, various posts are created.

✔ To get financial assistance in the form of membership fees and money coming through the exhibition, seminar, donation, charity, reward moveable and immoveable property and holding other programmes for realizing the objectives of the committee.

✔ .to acquire, purchase, take on rent land and buildings etc. and perform construction work against the name of the committee according to the necessity in order to fulfill the aims and objectives of the committee.

✔ To open, found, construct develop, establish, promote, set up, run, maintain, assist, support and /or help the various cultural, educational, religious, health & physical fitness promoting centers, medical research centers & other charitable institutions as a social service on a non communal basis and without any distinction of cast, creed or religion.

✔ To open, found, construct develop, establish, promote, set up, run, maintain, assist, support and /or help the various charitable institutions for the all round welfare of physically handicaps, old people, service orphans, windows, street-children, abandoned-children; as a social on a non communal basis and without any distinction of cast and creed or religion;

✔ To open schools, colleges, vocational training centers, technical & non-technical education center, computer education centers, health clubs, charitable dispensaries and hospitals;

✔ To work for rural development and to organize various woman & child welfare programmes;

✔ To open ASHRAMS for old, infirm, helpless and economically weak senior citizens belonging to all section of life;

✔ To do all possible service & help to T.B., Cancer, A.I.D.S., H.I.V. Patients.

✔ To work for woman liberalization;

✔ To work for providing a healthy environment to the human society;

✔ To fight against the corruption in the human society;

✔ To establish peace and security in the human society through love and importing knowledge;

✔ To organize various social welfare & cultural activities for welfare of human society;

✔ To give scholarship to deserving students who may be in need of financial assistance;

✔ To build, construct hold and acquire building and land movable and immovable property and to equip the same for the purpose of spreading the spirit of religion, education & good health in the human society;

✔ To promote, encourage and assist research and training in the fields of yoga and allied subjects;

✔ To maintain a library of books on different fields of social service and allied subjects which will be of use for members, general public and staff of the committee;

✔ To engage in social service activities aimed at improving the health conditions of the poor irrespective of race, caste, or creed;

✔ To create a sense of brotherhood, co- operation, mutual harmony, love & affection amongst the members of the general public;

✔ To take up effective but reasonable and lawful steps for eradication of social evils such as dowry system, child marriage, child labor, wastage of money in the various functions & use of intoxicated drugs / wine/ smack etc.;

✔ To help poor & indigent persons in marriage of their children by way of cash donation or otherwise and to distribute clothes, food and other necessaries of daily life amongst the poor, orphan and indigent persons;

✔ To give, provide, and /or render monetary and /or other help and assistance for the relief of persons and animals affected by natural & other calamities such as flood, fire, famine, cyclone, earth quack, storm, accident, drought epidemic, unbeatable cost of living etc.;

✔ To stimulate, support & assist self – help efforts and community development programs, which can build up healthy & well – organised communities;

✔ To organise conferences, lectures & seminars on economic, social, cultural & educational matters of current interest kinds of pollution in various segments of the society and to undertake case studies on socio-economic problems;

✔ To create endowments & charities for the award of fellowship, scholarship or stipend for poor and deserving students, boys or girls; to prosecute their studies in India or in any outside country;

✔ To associate, incorporate or amalgamate any other institutions or committees having objects wholly or in part similar to any of the objects of the committee;

✔ To undertake all such other lawful acts, deeds or things as are incidental to or conducive to the attainment of any or all of the above objects;

✔ To do all other lawful acts, deeds & things as are incidental and may be considered necessary and conclusive to the attainment of the above objects of the committee or any of them;

✔ To provide affiliation and support to all similar organizations, committees, societies and individuals worldwide, and try to bring about united platform for like-minded people and groups, so that they can work together through a common forum, with the purpose of achieving the goals of this Committee.

✔ To conceive and act by all other legal means, not elaborated in the previous paragraphs, which will directly or indirectly have a bearing on achieving and on speeding the process of achieving the goals of the committee.